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 Graduate 2017 Scholarship Winner

The Graduate Scholarship rewards the HIM students/professionals who show exemplary efforts in HIM profession. The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winner below:

  Mingjing Feng


Mingjing is a graduate student of Health Informatics and Health Information Management (MHIHIM) Program at University of Washington. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in life science at Shandong University and master’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at Peking University. She's maintained top academic standards and has done several research projects in life science and clinical research. She actively participated in other activities, such as national business plan competition and public health legislation education in Olympia.


With experience in both research and health informatics, she would like to find a way to utilize precious research findings for clinical care and unlock the power of patient data, realizing real-time and more precise clinical decision making. Meanwhile, she will devote herself to public health and healthcare system improvement. Lastly, Minjing thanks SHIMA for awarding her the honor, and really appreciates their efforts to help HIM professionals and improve health care. She would love to do more volunteer work and devote more efforts to the HIM community.

 Exam Reimbursement 2018 Scholarship Winners

The Exam Reimbursement Scholarship rewards professionals looking to excel their HIM careers by further credentialing themselves. The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners below:

Eliot Sipes

Eliot graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. degree in Health Informatics and Health Information Management. His interests in technology and the advancements of EMR's lead him to the HIM field. Throughout the HIHIM program, Eliot helped both classmates and professors with computer issues; earning him the nickname IT guy. He will continue working in HIM and improving his IT skills on the side. Eventually he plans to work for an EMR company and improve the user experience for employees and patients.


Eliot is currently working at Equinox Primary Care as their Medical Records lead. In his free time he enjoys drawing, filming videos, and weightlifting. He is grateful for the classmates, professors, and colleagues he met in the 2 years of HIHIM and SHIMA. He would like to thank SHIMA for offering this scholarship and the hard work invested to keep the Seattle HIM community together. 


Eliot Sipes.png
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