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The Philosophy, Psychology and Technology Of HealthCare Data. 

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The Philosophy, Psychology and Technology Of Healthcare Data. 

Dale Sanders

Dale is internationally recognized as a leader in the technical and cultural adoption of data, analytics, and digitization. He served as the Regional Director of Medical Informatics at Intermountain Healthcare from 1997-2005 where he designed and developed the enterprise data warehouse, one of the first in healthcare. From there, he went into academic medicine as CIO and chief analytics officer at Northwestern Medicine from 2005-2009, again leading the hands-on design and development of the enterprise data warehouse. In 2009, he went into public health as CIO for the National Health System of the Cayman Islands, and was involved in the early stages of developing Health City Cayman Islands. As CTO of Health Catalyst, he was instrumental in maturing the company from a fledgling startup with no scalable technology, to a publicly traded company (NASDQ: HCAT), in less than four years.
He's been involved in complex data fusion and high-risk decision support since 1984, starting as a Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) officer in the US Air Force, supporting 24x7 nuclear warfare and space operations for the Strategic Air Command across four continents. SAC's unofficial motto was, "To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Not SAC Policy." Among many fulfilling missions, his team provided C3I support for the Reagan-Gorbachev Summits in the 1980s. He served as CIO and Airborne Launch Control Officer on the Looking Glass, aka “The Doomsday Plane”. In 1988, he found a backdoor into the President's Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network (JCSAN) and hacked into that system from a public pay phone in a bar.
After the Air Force, he worked for TRW in the space and defense sector. Among many roles, he specialized in nuclear weapons surety-- the combined fields of security and safety. His team, the Knowledge Based Systems Center, developed the world's largest data warehouse at the time, supporting nuclear weapons management. That same team was hired by the National Security Agency to conduct white hat attacks and threat analysis on the US nuclear command & control system, from the President to the warhead. He designed a computer-aided decision support system for the President and national leaders to aid in the warning phase of a surprise nuclear attack, particularly addressing false positives and false negatives. Through that, he stumbled upon the need to apply analytics and AI in healthcare. 



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About the Event: This event will evaluate the role played by philosophy, psychology and technology in utilizing healthcare data.


Details: Zoom Webinar

CEUs: 2 credits (Domain: Informatics)


Saturday January 16th

9:30am - 12:00pm

  Zoom Webinar

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